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        歡迎進入北京福潤達集團官網! 聯系電話:010-81508866    會員登錄

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        • 商品名稱: SMC/DMC模壓制品及其加工件和UPGM絕緣板加工件
        • 瀏覽次數: 1454




        ●電工電氣行業: 各種高中低壓開關柜的隔板、襯板、絕緣支座、支架、滅弧片、滅弧罩、滅弧筒及各類型的絕緣子、觸頭座、母線夾板、電機出線端子盒、電表箱等

        ●交通行業: 汽車保險杠、擋泥板、備胎倉、座椅、儀表盤、防眩板等

        ●建筑行業: 各種建筑物高層水箱、衛生間潔具、裝飾板和其他產品

        ●鐵路行業: 信號燈、車廂窗框、信號箱等


        SMC/DMC/UPGM molded&machined parts

        SMC/DMC molded parts exhibit hydrophobicity, aging resistance, fire resistance, etc. They are widely used in the following areas

        1.Electrical industry: partition plates, lining plates, insulation support, bracket, arc extinguishing chips, arc extinguishing chamber, arc extinguishing cylinder, and various types of insulators, contact bases, bus plywood, used in high, medium and low voltage switch cabinets, as well as motor outlet terminal box, electricity meter box, etc.

        2. Transportation industry: car bumpers, fenders, spare tire carrier, seats, dashboard, anti-dazzle plate, etc.

        3. Construction industry: water tanks in tall buildings, sanitary appliances, decorative panels and other products.

        4. Railway industry: signal lights, window frames of carriage, signal boxes, etc.


        We have more than 30 sets of versatile modern CNC milling machines and automatic machines, as well as advanced machines for turning, milling, drilling, sawing, grinding, punching, varnishing, etc. The maximum machining size is 3000mm x 1500mm. We supply professional services such as designing and processing as per customer’s drawings and requirements, especially for products used in large motor, switch cabinet, transformer, railway industry and so on.