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        • 商品名稱: 拉擠系列產品
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        Pultruded profiles

        We offer a wide range of composite profiles based on various reinforcement materials and resin systems, pultruded under high temperatures. Our standard profiles include round/square tubes,rods, angle profiles,  dogbones, etc. We also offer tailored profiles according to customers requirements. These profiles are widely used in wind engineers, transformers, frequency converter, and high voltage switch gears, due to its stable performances,good repeatability,good thermal resistance, corrosion resistance,high strength (fiber content of up to 80%),reduced weight because of low specific gravity,low moisture absorption,high dimensional accuracy and good insulation properties. Parts made from pultruded composites can be custom-designed to have the best mechanical properties by adjusting pultrusions direction.Nearly any length can be acquired by continuous pultrusion and cutting.





        ●標稱尺寸: 1000mm×2000mm;1010mm×2020mm;1250mm×2500mm

        ●標稱厚度: 4.0mm~50mm



        Thermal Insulating Sheet

        Thermal insulating sheet is a heat resistant composite made from glass fiber and high heat resistant resin,featured by high mechanical properties,good thermal resistance up to 250℃300℃, good machinability and flatness,low thermal conductivity,excellent bending strength and compressive strength at high temperature.Because it can prevent machine overheating and electrical defects at high temperature.reduce energy consumption,improve production efficiency,it is widely used in rubber,plastic injection,plastic,machinery and other industries required thermal insulation.

        Standard Sheet Sizes: 1000x2000mm, 1010x2020mm, 1250x2500mm

        Common Thickness:3.0mm-50mm

        RemarkSpecialized specifications can be customized